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offering the most discriminating range of hand made textiles, bespoke shades and wall coverings to the trade.  my focus is always on the hand made, crafted & artisanal.  working with the most talented group of designers from around the world, the studio is a showcase and an atelier to receive clients, exchange ideas & develop something quite unique & bespoke.

in a world filled with mass production, i am doing my part to support “hand-made”…the world of fashion cannot sustain hand- made but perhaps the interior design community can. – connecting cultures from east to the west, inspired by nature, culture & travel, using the finest natural fibers, collection embodies poetry & artistry in the finest interior textiles to the trade.  three distinct collection range from cotton & linen handwoven collection with artisan weavers in india; handwoven alpaca collection with weavers in peru & upholstery weight jacquard loom collection with a small family own mill in the UK. – beautifully gaufraged velvets, silks, linens, hemps, cottons & abaca.  sabina’s collection also includes sumptuous jacquard velvets to chic chenille lame collection.  sabina’s sense of color is unsurpassed.  and i love how she’s always developing and searching for new ways to broaden her collection.  almost everything sabina offers is bespoke. – the most gorgeous and luxurious collection of hand-woven silks from laos.  the quality and luxury are cornerstone of this unique collection.  it embodies traditional laotian motifs reinterpreted in modern context.  everything is produced to spec.  all colors used are vegetable dyes.  recent addition to the hand-woven collection includes a quicker lead time collection of linen/silk mix weave produced by a venerable mill in the UK.  this new collection has broadened their appeal beyond park ave residence to more vacation home settings. – under the creative direction of yolande batteau, bespoke collection of hand crafted wall coverings evoke sophistication,  glamour & elegance. inspired by myriad of cross – cultural influences from: belgian simplicity, french decadence, african complexity to japanese refinement, resuling in the most luxurious & lustrous backdrop for every chic interior….

LES JALOUSIE – brochure-jalousies-web-ang1 gorgeous collection of couture handwoven shades using mixed media by an american designer living and designing from france.

inquiries, please contact:

lauren hwang inc.  c 917 545 9602;

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